If you routinely need to add more than an inch of water to your pool per week, you may have a leak. Your pool will lose some water naturally to evaporation, some to splash out and some to backwashing your filter. Remember this is a guideline only as conditions such as a succession of very hot, dry days can make water evaporate quicker.

In addition to structural leaks, skimmers, main drains, and return lines are top culprits of swimming pool and spa leaks. We not only find those leaks, but we can also repair them, many times without draining the pool or spa.

Once the source of the leak is found, we provide an estimate to repair the leak, and, many times, can make the repair during our initial visit. However, there are times when larger repairs can take up to a day or more to complete. Depending on the circumstances, major repairs, such as water features or certain plumbing lines, may be referred back to the pool builder for repairs. We take our repair services seriously, and make every effort to ensure you are satisfied with the workmanship of the repair.

Before a leak detection or repair is performed, please make sure the water is clean, clear and the pool level is full.