Escape to a whole new world without leaving your home. Sometimes getting away doesn’t mean having to leave. With your new NorthWind Hot Tub™ you have a key to your own personal paradise that you can access anytime and for however long you like. The perfect retreat that you can share with friends and family to create a unique atmosphere for socializing, romance or relaxation. Our hot tubs have modern styling, tranquil water features and powerful hydrotherapy jets. Get the features of a high-end hot tub without the expensive price tag. So get ready to relax, we make getting into hot water easy and enjoyable.

EL Series

These low profile spas have a height of 36" and are built to provide the highest value for the absolute lowest price. The EL Series is crafted with the same quality materials, but is manufactured using a more streamlined production process. This allows us to offer a more modest price tag that is more attractive to first-time spa buyers.

XL Series

With a height of 40", NorthWind High Profile hot tubs provide a deeper and more deluxe hot tub experience. The additional height of the seats makes for a more natural and upright seating position. The increase depth also makes the spa feel more spacious than Low Profile models. 

Northwind Hot Tub Features

NorthWind Hot Tub™ models are built to be the perfect entry-level hot tub for young families and couples looking to get into hot water. With a fit and finish of hot tubs twice their price, you are getting true value throughout. Canadian craftsmanship, high-grade pressure treated frame, multi-layer re-enforced fiberglass acrylic shell in a variety of colors and pattern finishes. 

Ergonomic seating, precision EXA Hydrotherapy Jets, high-end spa pumps and digital controls are built to last. Even the worst Canadian winters.